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Greenhouse Kits come with all hardware, straps, bolts, wiggle channel and wire, cold frames, legs, ribs, purlings, 8 mil clear woven 4yr UVA rated covering, 8 mil reinforced blackout tarp & a complete set of Strong Arm™ Tarp-Pullers.


EZ-Dep™ Greenhouses are engineered to withstand up to 40 mph winds. They meet or exceed Humboldt County and California State requirements. Quantity pricing and delivery available. We have licensed contractors available to assist with installs. EZ-Dep™ Greenhouse Kits come with enough plastic to cover end walls; custom endwall kits with doors and ventilation available by our certified installers. 

There's a good chance we have all of the kits you want in stock. If not, we can generally guarantee your purchase within 15 business days — 1-50 kits. 

Custom Kit Sizes and Add-ons Available:

Roll-Up Handcrank: rollup to 6 ft with one person hand-crank operation.

Need end walls and venting? We've got you covered! Endwall kits starting at $600, call for consultation.



Don't want to pull tarp? That's cool.



available to build custom enclosures, i.e., automatic gates and fencing for your scene.

Ez-Dep™ Greenhouse Kits


EZ-Dep™ Greenhouse Kits, are ready for assembly and come with everything you need to get going and growing—including Strong Arm™ Tarp Pullers so you can save on time, labor, and money.

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