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We manufacture quality light deprivation solutions that are made in the USA.


Dep-King LLC., is a locally-owned, family business in Humboldt County, California. Six generations of understanding the needs of solid and durable farming equipment has been a tradition for the Dep-King family. We specialize in modern farmer needs, from custom greenhouses to light-dep solutions. 


Our location is in the heart of the redwoods. Our reputation is special because we provide professional services and manufacture custom design metal equipment for commercial and residential farmers where we live. We love the land.


The Dep-King STRONG-ARM was inspired out of the necessity for a canopy hoist durable enough for pulling tarps over the greenhouses. Reliable functionality and rugged construction at an affordable

price. The local agricultural industry needed a simple solution to streamline their light-dep process without damaging greenhouses and blackout tarps. So we designed the Dep-King STRONG-ARM canopy hoist with insight from local farmers, master gardeners, greenhouse engineers, and retail stores. We are always working on innovative ways to improve the STRONG-ARM canopy hoist set at Dep-King.

Please contact us if you have a custom request or question. We are a trusted community resource for all your greenhouse needs and we're here to make your experience quick and efficient.

Thanks For Choosing Dep-King!

Lonny & Hannah Whitlow

We're a Real Humboldt



Locally owned and operated

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