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We care

As local residents, we have a serious commitment to the natural habitat around us. Dep-King LLC., is spearheading a campaign to bring a greenhouse tarp recycling program to Humboldt County. 


The long-term accumulative effects of how we choose to dispose of tarp plastic,  are something we're concerned about.

Too often tarps are left to break down on raw land. The only other go-to option is to dispose of them at the dump where they end up as landfill. Help us do the right thing for our environment. 

We're helping to keep Humboldt dope.

We build products
that last

As we move into this 2018 season, Dep-King® continues to supply local farmers with well-made, affordable supplies for all structural light deprivation needs.


Our Strong Arm™ Tarp Pullers continue to evolve as we maintain solid relationships with our customers; their feedback is important to us as we continue to innovate as a local business.

Our EZ-DEP™ cold frames are made from quality steel, right here in Humboldt. They are Humboldt strong.


Keep it local Humboldt County—for real.

We support local

Dep-King® started out from a request to help local farms with an affordable tarp pulling solution for their light deprivation greenhouses. 


Our Strong-Arm™ Tarp Pullers are helping both residential and commercial farms save money on farm labor & workload cost at a fraction of the price of automated systems.

Our Ez-Dep™ Greenhouse Kits were born from a need of locally sourced location for light deprivation greenhouses.


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